Senior Pictures x Carah / by Nolita Ihama

This weekend for Labor Day I worked with Carah, a senior high school student from San Antonio in photographing her Senior pictures. The sunlight was pretty awesome, and with the help with gusts of wind at the right time, and her Aunt (and my sister) Aquia, we were able to get some good shots in. I believe the only downside that occurred during this entire shoot was getting approached by random (weird) people since it was 3 females walking around Downtown Dallas. Of course Carah and I were scared, as Aquia tried to act "it didn't bother her" she was was basically far in front of us (and first to walk away from the scene lol). Apart from that Carah was such a natural behind the camera, and I plan to use her for some of my own personal projects. She definitely made me wonder why I was so awkward at her age lol. Here are some images from the shoot:

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Until Next time!

- NN