Nigerian Independence Day / by Nolita Ihama

Today is a special day because it marks the 55th year that my heritage country has gained it's independence. I decided to work on a portfolio that set out to find several people on campus who were dressed in African attire to portray on my instagram. This was a challenging experience because all the pictures were taken, edited and posted the same day. But, it was also a cool experience because I felt I had gotten to know a little bit about everyone who was photographed. Throughout I had asked questions such as "what is your favorite Nigerian dish", or "what is the most annoying African stereotype" and posted their responses, as well as other funny random phrases they may have said on my instagram. I called it AfricaNNs (I always spell everything with 2 NN's depicting Nolita Nouveau)  of UTA to try to go for a Humans of NY (a popular instagram in which the photographer ventures around New York telling the personal stories of the people encountered, if you haven't read any of the entries i suggest you do!) feel. It turned out great! Here are some of the images, and if you want to see the responses made by everyone in this portfolio, check out the hashtag #AfricaNNsOfUTA on Instagram!:

(click the right side of the photo to scroll)

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