Senior Pictures x Adam / by Nolita Ihama

On this beautiful day I got to shoot Adam, another Biology major who I actually had not ever met prior to today (and I don't know why!). He kept the shoot pleasant with his personality and humor, and for the most part i did not even remember we were shooting (which is always a good feeling). His set of pictures were also a favorite for me because i loved how the coloring, and fall leaves looked in the photos. It was also cool because he was very daring, and ended up climbing a pillar on our campus that was probably 10 feet for a personal favorite shot of mine. As much as he said that he did not have any experience modeling it definitely did not seem like it! His comfort in front of the camera definitely showed for someone who had "never modeled before". 

(click the right side of the photo to scroll)

Finals are upon me, not quite sure when next time will be butttt

Until Next time,