Senior Pictures x Ayo&Nkoli / by Nolita Ihama

Today I had my first doublet of the season! I photographed two UTA Nursing school seniors and the challenge here was for me to make sure that their photos came out differently, as if they were done on two seperate days (like I've stated before I hate boring photos). We were able to find a park that had 2 different types of scenery to be able to make that idea come to life. Another cool aspect of their shoot was that they had to taking "Nursing" themed photos. Now, I always see people taking photos with the school scrubs and a heart stethoscope so I was immediately like "nahhh... yall aren't going to do that". I pitched the idea of ditching the navy blue scrubs for something a little more sultry - white dresses, and I LOVE how their photos turned out!

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