Senior Pictures x Don / by Nolita Ihama

Today I photographed another one of my friends, and fellow Biology major Donelly Ike. Don has always been a really cool friend to me since he transferred to UTA my sophmore year. We've taken a lot of classes together and I actually do not know what I would do without him (literally) lol. Don is actually one of the first guys that I have ever photographed, and I quickly learned that I wouldn't mind photographing men more often because: One men photograph QUICK. (Don's entire photoshoot took about an hour!) Two, they are easy to edit! and Three they do not require much directing. Don's directing literally consisted of  "Smile, fake laugh, look hard, dab, next location" LOL. My style of preference that you may see in a lot of my shots is that I like to incorporate greenery into alot of my shoots. I loved how Don photographed against the greenery, and his little brother even jumped in for a couple shots too. Don always argues with me that his Android phone takes the "best pictures ever" and "better pictures than any camera can take" buttttt.... I think my camera stole the show on this shoot. 

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