Senior Pictures x Khadijah / by Nolita Ihama

Today I photographed my second college grad for the season, my close friend Khadijah (also randomly one of the original people I ever photographed)! Sooo, one thing about me is that I hate boring photographs, and because of that I will literally sit and plan how I want a shoot to go before going to avoid the possibility of that happening. So the conversation a couple of days prior to Khadijah's shoot went something like this:

Me: "ummm what are your props Bih"

Khadijah: "myself"

Me: "-___-"

Little did I know that Khadijah was planning to come through with ALL the possible props someone could have! She had confetti, she had a sign and we incorporated my dinner chair and dressed it up with a bow from Hobby Lobby. But my favorite prop was her husband Ali. I was sooo happy with the location and how everything turned out! Looking forward to shooting her again sometime!

(click the right side of the photo to scroll)

Next time may be sooner than you think,