Senior Pictures x Nancy&Martha / by Nolita Ihama

Today I had my second doublet of the season, and they definitely delivered with their outfit choices. Both Nancy and Martha are Kinesiology majors and close friends. Weather wise, It actually was probably the worst weather that I have shot in for grad pictures. It was COLD & the sun went down very FAST (or so it seemed). But both girls really did great for the weather being what it was. I really fell in love with Nancy's workout photos because i have been wanting to do "Nike" type photos for a very long time. Whenever Nancy told me "I kind of wanted to take pictures inside the Mac (Maverick Activity Center, which is our school gymnasium)" I knew that one - they would not be basic photos and two - this was my opportunity to try to push that original "nike" idea through. I loved how it turned out, and i was kinda a little jealous because I definitely would have wanted to incorporate some workout photos in my grad pictures, lol! 

Until Next time,