Senior Pictures x Sophie / by Nolita Ihama

[Sooo I'm actually a bit late on posting these (today is Dec 29th) because I actually photographed Sophie 2 weeks ago on her graduation day. So we'll just pretend I wrote this two weeks ago ;) ]

Today I finally was able to turn my lense towards a different part of Africa, and that was pretty exciting to me. About 3 days prior to today Sophie texted me asking me if I could still fit her in for graduation photos. She asked if I could get her in today because she was graduating at 3pm, and I was like "i'm graduating today at 3pm too...." lol, so it was funny because here is yet another Biology major that I never met throughout my 4 years attending UTA, finally coming in contact with each other on our graduation days. My original response was going to be that I was finished taking grad photos for the semester, because I wanted to celebrate my own graduation, but then I thought, "eh why not, it's not a hassle because you were just going to lay in bed until it was time to get ready for the ceremony anyway". I was really glad that I did not tell her no because Sophie was actually a very funny and cool person to be around and it made for a pleasant morning telling her to stop looking at her sister and/or stop closing her eyes in most of the shots, LOL. Her shoot was funny because it was shot while a graduation ceremony was going on (in front of where the entrance to the ceremonies  take place), so she definitely had a lot of eyes on her during, which can cause for an "awkward" shoot especially when you have someone like me who isn't going to let people watching get in the way of a good shot. (OK, maybe telling her to lay down on the pillar was a bit much but, I do the most, yall know this by now). But she really did a good job and I hope to shoot her again sometime (btw it was COLD as HECK outside, to the point that all of her candid laughs looked like she was blowing steam). Here are some of my favorites:

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- NN